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Whoever carries out the difficult profession of state teacher has an interesting opportunity to obtain the loan of a sum of money in a short time .

Whoever carries out the difficult profession of state teacher has an interesting opportunity to obtain the loan of a sum of money in a short time .

Unfortunately, it can happen to everyone to face unexpected and unexpected expenses and, precisely for this reason, it is very important to be able to count on the possibility of obtaining a secure loan without too many expectations. The only requisite for obtaining state teacher loans is the indefinite appointment for at least 4 months .

Whoever works as a teacher can access the credit lines dedicated to public employees. Not only that, teachers can also go to any bank without the fear of not having a salary certificate. One of the best solutions for obtaining loans for state teachers is to take into consideration the small public management loan provided by the (formerly Inpdap) and specifically intended for teachers.

We are talking about a loan for small amounts and in the short term , which teachers can repay in constant installments with the deduction from the salary. Not only that, this kind of loans for teachers can be requested without having to attach any supporting documents.

Once you have verified that you have all the requirements to obtain the loan, you can apply and get an answer quickly. For example, to obtain this type of loan for teachers, it will be necessary to be enrolled in the Credit Fund and pay the related contribution with deduction in payroll (0.35%).

Even retired teachers will be able to access loans for state teachers but in this case, enrollment in the Credit Fund is optional . Another solution is the non-finalized personal loan, a solution that allows you to request the necessary amounts without having to present any justification and to establish a personalized repayment plan .

If there were the need to request loans for state teachers but there were already other loans in progress , there would be the possibility of the transfer of the fifth, or a modality that allows payments to be made directly in the pay packet. In this case it will be possible to obtain the loan even if there are protests or unresolved situations.

Whoever faces even greater expenses could also add the proxy loan to the sale of the fifth, a loan consisting of a double installment withheld from the salary.

If you would like more information on loans for state teachers enrolled in the Magistral Assistance Management, you can visit the official website at any time. Among the teachers enrolled there are those of state primary school for permanent children, school administrators coming from the former role of didactic directors and directors of general and administrative services (also in retirement).

The amount of loans for government teachers is payable in 24 monthly installments and can never exceed two months of current salary. Obviously, it will not be possible to request the granting of a new loan before having extinguished the previous one. Furthermore, to apply for teacher loans, it will be necessary for applicants to have been in service for more than two years from retirement.

The financing of loans for state teachers of is provided only in some specific cases such as the birth of children, marriage, death of family members, serious illnesses, purchase or maintenance of the house and dental care.

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Loans in 24 hours: get fast loans in 24 hours http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loans-in-24-hours-get-fast-loans-in-24-hours/ http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loans-in-24-hours-get-fast-loans-in-24-hours/#respond Fri, 19 Apr 2019 12:54:40 +0000 http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loans-in-24-hours-get-fast-loans-in-24-hours/

Sometimes we find ourselves in particular situations in which, for reasons that do not depend on us, we need liquidity to face unexpected and unexpected expenses. In these cases it is very useful to have the possibility of being able to access loans in a short time, without the delays due to bureaucratic procedures that slow down the disbursement of the loan. In these cases, we talk about loans in 24 hours .

The loans in 24h are accessible under certain conditions, which concern the economic solidity of the applicant and the methods of disbursement of the loan.

The loans in 24h are accessible under certain conditions, which concern the economic solidity of the applicant and the methods of disbursement of the loan.

To obtain a traditional loan at a bank it is necessary to pass a series of checks, which verify the personal and financial situation of the applicant.
However, the internet now provides more flexible solutions for those who need financing quickly and cannot wait for the bank’s bureaucratic time, which could also be prolonged. If you need money in a short time, online financing in 24-48 hours could be the ideal solution, with some warnings.

Online loans are expanding as they reduce the time taken to provide credit. Today there are many financial companies that operate exclusively on the Internet, but traditional banks have also expanded their e-banking services, ie online banking services. It is the financial companies that operate on the web that are the ones that offer apparently the best fast loan offers. Among the various solutions proposed, it is possible to distinguish various types of financing:

  1. loans with loan disbursement in 3-6 days;
  2. fast loans with disbursement of the loan in 24-48 hours;
  3. very fast loans with disbursement of the loan within 24 hours;
  4. loans in 24 hours without pay check.

The offer depends on the terms proposed by the financial company to which it is addressed: usually, it is always possible to request a quote or otherwise take advantage of online calculators to obtain an amortization plan updated with the installments to be paid and the interest rate.

Just the interest rate to be paid is an aspect to be kept in careful consideration: being loans disbursed very quickly, with fewer checks and paperwork, these loans constitute a greater risk for the body that grants them. This is reflected in an average rate that is higher than that required of an applicant in the same economic condition, but who has carried out the traditional practice. However, a first check is always carried out through the Credit Information Risk Center, which reports any bad payers. Moreover, loans in 24 hours are often not excessive: they can usually reach up to 50,000 euros. As regards the repayment period, this is agreed with the financial company.

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Business loans for microentrepreneurs http://www.pomme-grenette.org/business-loans-for-microentrepreneurs/ http://www.pomme-grenette.org/business-loans-for-microentrepreneurs/#respond Sun, 14 Apr 2019 15:33:24 +0000 http://www.pomme-grenette.org/?p=56


What is a business loan for an individual microentrepreneur ?

This program was created with the goal of accelerating economic growth, so that people who work legally as microentrepreneurs can have a business credit line. Given this, they can improve and invest in production. This is a new model to encourage and keep them in a legalized job and still be able to contribute to the country’s economy.

How it works?

 The program offers loans that can vary from R $ 1 thousand to R $ 20 thousand, without the need of guarantor, six months grace period to start paying and installment can be up to 36 times. To obtain this great advantage, it is enough that the microentrepreneur is properly registered in this business modality and that has taken the course within the program. This offers about 50 thousand places for technical training in the State of São Paulo (and all for free!).

There are more than 270 microentrepreneurs who have benefited from the project and have been able to expand the business or make improvements in their work environment. Investments allow you to increase sales and, consequently, get bigger profits.

What can be funded?

What can be funded?

This loan facility can turn the dream of increasing your business into reality.

For a better investment of the money provided by the business loan program, assists microentrepreneurs in the preparation of the business plan. You can invest in products or services, depending on the branch that the person acts. Generally, the loan is released for purchases of machines, accessories for vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, utility vehicles, tools for carrying out the work or working capital for business expansion.

How to get a business loan?


 To participate in this line of credit, the interested party must first register on the official website of the program. After this procedure, it is necessary to look for service stations that is closest to you so that investment planning can begin.

A consultant will visit your business and evaluate the actual need for the request and, if approved, in a short time, the credit will be released and you will be able to enjoy the benefit within the plan you have drawn.

It is important to remember that the rules must be faithfully fulfilled by the microentrepreneur. Are they:

  • Have completed the course provided 
  • Submit the MEI registration documents
  • Also show the personal documents of the owner
  • Elaborate the business plan, so that an analysis and consultation of cadastral restrictions
  • Lastly, the business benefit is only granted if the installment is paid to maturity. If there is a delay, a fine of 2% is charged on the amount and interest equivalent to the Long-Term Interest Rate per month.

Generally, loans to microentrepreneurs are needed to strengthen the business. But before getting any loan or financing, it is important to analyze your real need. Then, make a survey of what you intend to improve and the amount of money needed to complete the work.

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Serious providers of business loans? http://www.pomme-grenette.org/serious-providers-of-business-loans/ http://www.pomme-grenette.org/serious-providers-of-business-loans/#respond Fri, 12 Apr 2019 16:26:08 +0000 http://www.pomme-grenette.org/?p=34

Banks and savings banks are still struggling to lend to the self-employed, whether they are traders or freelancers. Either it has to be a highly secured working capital business loan or it will be difficult. An editorial over at badcreditpaydayloansrhpsd.com

Self-employed may also need a new kitchen or a new car that does not count as a company car? However, there are solutions that make the usual discussion with the bank superfluous.

So far, over 200 million euros in business loans have been granted. The bank actually lending it is the Bank, which is also active in other innovative areas in the online finance segment.

Iwoca test

Experience business loans

The possible business loan amount amounts to between 1,000 and 100,000 euros. The business loan is handled in the form of a credit line. The business loans are initially granted for a period of six months. However, it does not reveal why the business loan calculator on the other side allows a view of up to twelve months. As a rule, the business loan amount is up to ten percent of the annual turnover. This must amount to at least 10,000 euros.

During the repayment phase, a minimum amortization is required. However, the borrower can always make free special repayments.

An extension of the credit line is possible if at least two installments have been paid and the business performance of the borrower remains stable.

The application process

The application is completely electronic, including the transmission of the documents, the authentication and signature. In addition to the personal data, the applicant must also provide information on the turnover of the past years, revenues and expenses. If all documentation is available, providers, together with Bank, will prepare an analysis of the company in terms of the sustainability of the monthly installment.

The applicant will receive feedback within 72 hours. If this is positive, he can call the business loan immediately. The business loan commitment does not mean that the customer must have the money immediately. It is up to him whether he accepts the business loan or not.

For questions about the application or general questions, the Frankfurt team from Monday to Friday in the period between 9:00 clock and 19:00 clock under a Frankfurt phone number.

Interest and costs

There are no costs for the business loan request and processing. The only burden on the borrower is interest. These are however quite sporty. After all, providers calculates two percent a month. That sounds prettier than 24 percent a year. Since providers waives the provision of collateral and lending is based solely on its business performance analysis, the interest rate must otherwise re-price the latent interest default risk.

The calculation of the interest is made on a daily basis only on the amount that has also remained with the customer. For a business loan over € 10,000, the repayment plan looks like this:


The idea of ​​providers to provide business loans quickly and easily to self-employed and small businesses has charm. The waiver of collateral is unfortunately found in the interest rate again. An entrepreneur who has to invest quickly, for example, for a cheap purchase of goods, the choice remains. Endless discussions with the house bank and the “bargain” is from the market, or pay a higher interest rate and hit the selling price.

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Loan with a fixed-term contract http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loan-with-a-fixed-term-contract/ http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loan-with-a-fixed-term-contract/#respond Fri, 15 Feb 2019 13:36:01 +0000 http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loan-with-a-fixed-term-contract/

Especially in recent times, the loan with a fixed-term contract has become very important and required because, for various reasons, there are fewer and fewer workers with permanent contracts.

Especially in recent times, the loan with a fixed-term contract has become very important and required because, for various reasons, there are fewer and fewer workers with permanent contracts.

Precisely for this reason, there are more and more banks and financial agencies that offer loans for fixed-term workers , or that have a work contract with a specific deadline.

If you are wondering how to get a fixed-term contract, it is important to know that this is a type of loan that is granted to those who have a contract at maturity and is substantially very similar to the salary-backed one for the repayment monthly. The installments of loans for fixed-term workers will be deducted from the net salary and paid directly by the employer to the company where the loan was requested.

We can therefore talk about the loan with a fixed-term contract as a personal loan with a maximum duration that cannot under any circumstances be greater than the residual duration of the work contract. Taking a concrete example, a worker with a fixed-term work contract with a two-year expiration will in no case be able to request a loan with a maturity date greater than that of his contract.

Thanks to loans for fixed-term workers, therefore, even workers with contracts that are not permanent contracts will be able to obtain immediate financing, so as to be able to buy what is immediately needed.

A specific example of a loan with a fixed-term contract is precisely that of the salary-backed loan. In this case, the reimbursements will be made through a deduction from your net pay slip, with the employer who will make the deduction every month directly from the pay slip, paying the amount equal to one fifth of the salary directly to the financial who provided the loan .

Loans for fixed-term workers can be requested by all those who have different contractual forms from the permanent contract, provided however that they are not registered in the register of protesters or bad payers. Not only that, in addition to the loan with a fixed-term contract, many banks also begin to propose specific home loans for workers with a contract to expire.

In order to have access to this kind of financing, however, it is necessary to comply with some requirements such as having worked for a minimum number of months in the last two or three years . Clearly, the conditions for the provision of loans for fixed-term workers may vary from bank to bank. 

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Loan: features. How to have immediate liquidity http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loan-features-how-to-have-immediate-liquidity/ http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loan-features-how-to-have-immediate-liquidity/#respond Mon, 11 Feb 2019 13:33:51 +0000 http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loan-features-how-to-have-immediate-liquidity/


Loaning receivables is a practice which consists in transforming receivables with future maturity into immediate liquidity .

Loaning receivables is a practice which consists in transforming receivables with future maturity into immediate liquidity .

Anyone who intends to dispose of the receivables will have a number of methods available : the bill discount, the advance payment on bills and electronic bills , the advance invoices and factoring.

The bill of exchange discount is one of the methods of disinvestment of the most used credits and it is had when a bank or a financial company acquires a credit from a company to its nominal value and they assume then the risk to recover it.

When we talk about advance sums on bills and electronic orders we refer to the possibility of granting liquidity for the period between the sale and collectio .

The advance invoices, on the other hand, occur when a bank or a financial company provides liquidity to a company relative to a sales invoice issued for the period between the date of issue and collection.

Factoring, on the other hand, occurs when a company assigns a block of credits to a bank for consideration. The bank will then have to manage and recover the credits and provide support to the company from a fiscal point of view.

Loaning credits is therefore an operation with which a company can sell loans to banks and credit institutions. From a theoretical point of view, all receivables paid to customers, receivables that come from deferred payments agreed and / or contracted and receivables in the portfolio already expired can be subject to credit disbursement.

The disposal of trade receivables can therefore be both an advance on a portfolio and a mere advance on invoices. Generally, banks and credit institutions offer these possibilities together with a credit line, so as to make transactions more fluid. The credit, for example, allows you to provide liquidity against the transfer of credit or advance on invoices and to pay lower charges compared to the classic credit lines.

Taking a concrete example of disinvesting credits, consider the advance bills of exchange . In this case, customers can present their bills of exchange to the bank to receive liquidity thanks to the acceptance of bills and the management of the collection. The banks may from time to time evaluate the applicable rate and terms based solely on the customer’s merit.

The discount is part of the so-called discount transactions on portfolios together with all those receivable disinvestment operations concerning the anticipation of a certain credit. In all these eventualities, companies will therefore be able to obtain liquidity and thus maintain an active cash.

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Loans in 1 hour – loans and fast loans in an hour http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loans-in-1-hour-loans-and-fast-loans-in-an-hour/ http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loans-in-1-hour-loans-and-fast-loans-in-an-hour/#respond Wed, 06 Feb 2019 13:31:23 +0000 http://www.pomme-grenette.org/loans-in-1-hour-loans-and-fast-loans-in-an-hour/

It could happen to everyone to find themselves in difficulty and have to take on an urgent loan, to face unexpected and unexpected expenses.

It could happen to everyone to find themselves in difficulty and have to take on an urgent loan, to face unexpected and unexpected expenses.

Obtaining loans in an hour is practically impossible, unless the loan request has been sent to the company a few days before and the necessary assessments have not already been made.

Possible fast financing solutions exist only in certain very rare cases in which it is possible to obtain loans in just over 1 hour through an online request .

Loans in 1 hour are possible only in the case of employees of very large companies already registered and in the case of public employees and retirees with certain characteristics (for reasons of operation of the providers).

To obtain a loan in 1 hour it is necessary to have in advance all the documents certifying your income and job classification such as: pay slip, cud model and salary certificates filled out by your employer (transferable fee in the case of pensioners).

Only an advance can be paid on the final amount which takes place through a bank draft payable to the applicant or by bank transfer credited to the customer’s account.

In the case of personal loans (whose time is considerably longer) it is however possible to request the indication of a guarantor , in the case in which the amount requested is rather high compared to the income capacity of the applicant.

In the case of fast loans through the sale of the fifth, late payments are also allowed in the repayment of current or previous loans and other loans in progress can coexist.

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