Business loans for microentrepreneurs


What is a business loan for an individual microentrepreneur ?

This program was created with the goal of accelerating economic growth, so that people who work legally as microentrepreneurs can have a business credit line. Given this, they can improve and invest in production. This is a new model to encourage and keep them in a legalized job and still be able to contribute to the country’s economy.

How it works?

 The program offers loans that can vary from R $ 1 thousand to R $ 20 thousand, without the need of guarantor, six months grace period to start paying and installment can be up to 36 times. To obtain this great advantage, it is enough that the microentrepreneur is properly registered in this business modality and that has taken the course within the program. This offers about 50 thousand places for technical training in the State of São Paulo (and all for free!).

There are more than 270 microentrepreneurs who have benefited from the project and have been able to expand the business or make improvements in their work environment. Investments allow you to increase sales and, consequently, get bigger profits.

What can be funded?

What can be funded?

This loan facility can turn the dream of increasing your business into reality.

For a better investment of the money provided by the business loan program, assists microentrepreneurs in the preparation of the business plan. You can invest in products or services, depending on the branch that the person acts. Generally, the loan is released for purchases of machines, accessories for vehicles, motorcycles, mopeds, utility vehicles, tools for carrying out the work or working capital for business expansion.

How to get a business loan?


 To participate in this line of credit, the interested party must first register on the official website of the program. After this procedure, it is necessary to look for service stations that is closest to you so that investment planning can begin.

A consultant will visit your business and evaluate the actual need for the request and, if approved, in a short time, the credit will be released and you will be able to enjoy the benefit within the plan you have drawn.

It is important to remember that the rules must be faithfully fulfilled by the microentrepreneur. Are they:

  • Have completed the course provided 
  • Submit the MEI registration documents
  • Also show the personal documents of the owner
  • Elaborate the business plan, so that an analysis and consultation of cadastral restrictions
  • Lastly, the business benefit is only granted if the installment is paid to maturity. If there is a delay, a fine of 2% is charged on the amount and interest equivalent to the Long-Term Interest Rate per month.

Generally, loans to microentrepreneurs are needed to strengthen the business. But before getting any loan or financing, it is important to analyze your real need. Then, make a survey of what you intend to improve and the amount of money needed to complete the work.