Month: February 2019

Loan with a fixed-term contract

Especially in recent times, the loan with a fixed-term contract has become very important and required because, for various reasons, there are fewer and fewer workers with permanent contracts. Precisely for this reason, there are more and more banks and financial agencies that offer loans for fixed-term workers , or that have a work contract […]

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Loan: features. How to have immediate liquidity

  Loaning receivables is a practice which consists in transforming receivables with future maturity into immediate liquidity . Anyone who intends to dispose of the receivables will have a number of methods available : the bill discount, the advance payment on bills and electronic bills , the advance invoices and factoring. The bill of exchange […]

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Loans in 1 hour – loans and fast loans in an hour

It could happen to everyone to find themselves in difficulty and have to take on an urgent loan, to face unexpected and unexpected expenses. Obtaining loans in an hour is practically impossible, unless the loan request has been sent to the company a few days before and the necessary assessments have not already been made. […]

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